Chatbot Builds And Integration

Automated Conversational Marketing To Streamline Your Sales Team And Optimize Your Traffic

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We build highly adaptive playbooks made to respond to different user queries and on-site behavior to keep your users engaged while on your domain. By making it easy to find any information your potential customers might need, we help you not only keep your marketing funnel filled with potential leads, but help you learn more about your users as well.

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"We saw multiple conversions within the first few days of having a chatbot on our site - I can't believe we didn't do this sooner!"

"Simply put, the Drift chatbot that Xspekt built me, put money in my pocket - and fast!"

"Having a chatbot not only increased conversions but also improved the sales experience for both our team and customers!"

What We Offer

Keeping Your Users Informed And Engaged In The Most Crucial Steps Of The Funnel

Chatbot Build Out

One Time Chatbot Build Outs to create an automated conversation flow for your website’s needs.

Builds & Management

Builds And Implementation which includes chatbot optimization as your users begin to convert.

Streamlined Sales

Automatically Engage Users who land on your most valuable pages to keep the sales funnel efficiently filled.

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Halved Bounce Rates And Saved Countless Hours

After working so hard to generate valuable traffic to your site, what good is it if you can’t manage to convert them into actual sales? With a custom built and personalizable chatbot that educates your users based on the arriving intent, you can optimize your incoming traffic for the smoothest conversion experience as possible. Create a conversion that feels more like a conversation than anything.

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Stop settling for outdated and siloed marketing campaigns and start building an integrated, cross-platform marketing funnel that will meet your users where they’re shopping -- everywhere.