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Email Automation And Logic Flows To Engage And Convert Your Vital Audiences

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In today’s heavily saturated world of digital marketing and invasive media, it’s important to treasure every moment you spend in your audiences’ inbox.

We recognize the importance of capitalizing on these relationships. But more than that we understand the importance of crafting genuine human connections via these email campaigns.

Our email builds are meant to adapt to the user on the other end of the screen. Because that’s who you really want to reach.

from our clients


"We saw a 235% increase in email open rates from just one Xspekt build!"

"Our email click rates increased by 250% with Xspekts copy!"

"xspekt Took our cold, outbound email sequence from an 8% to 34% open rate!!"

What We Offer

Engaging Your Loyal Followers And Potential Leads To Keep
Your Sales Funnel Firing

Conditional Logic Flows

Adaptive email automations that send targeted follow ups based on recipient’s past click behavior to better target your valuable content towards your valued readers.

Sales Optimization

Optimize your mobile salesforce by exponentially increasing touch frequency and diversity while automating follow up for easier qualified sales calls.

Email management +

Constant email optimization through testing and content analysis of custom-built email templates and automated responses to identify new audience opportunities. 

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235% Increase In Open Rates + 250% Increase In CTR

Email remains to this day one of the highest ROI digital campaigns for a reason - no matter how much they complain about marketing emails and the like, nearly everyone signs onto their email every day. The problem is that most marketers don’t value the time they spend in their users' inbox, and end up annoying their precious followers. Bringing the genuine human connection back to automated email and showing an understanding for your users’ train of thought will bring success like the stats above, and perhaps even more.

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Stop settling for outdated and siloed marketing campaigns and start building an integrated, cross-platform marketing funnel that will meet your users where they’re shopping -- everywhere.