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Our founders each specialize in one of our core services and lead each division in both strategy and execution.

But even the most technical and innovative cross-platform campaigns are about connecting humans to one another. So get to know the human side of Xspekt - we can’t wait to get to know you!

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Strategizing And Engineering Your Dearest Campaigns

chief operations officer

Jess Eisenhart

In her near-decade of digital advertising experience, Jess has seen the biggest pain points plaguing the digital industry when it comes to calculating - and understanding - your marketing ROI (return on investment). She’s a numbers girl who strives to make the most of her clients’ brands and budgets, not for the sake of boosting the bottom line - but for improving the actual returns that her brands see. With Jess, it’s all about putting in the right inputs to see the proper outputs. Whether that’s the PPC campaigns of her clients or the color of her hair dye for the week, well, that’s a different story…

chief technology officer

Tyler Eisenhart

Deadpan, straight-faced, inscrutable…These are just a few words to describe our CTO, Tyler. Which makes sense, given that his favorite thing about app development is “speaking a different language” in code. With professional experience in paid advertising, coding, and app development, Tyler stands in a unique position to offer your business a rare value. The more mobile marketing  and the more micro-conversions and in-app advertising become the norm, the more vital it will be to understand how to tell your story through interactive apps. And Tyler is the one to help you craft your storytelling device.

Chief Marketing Officer

Victoria Petersen

Handling everything automation doesn’t sound like a human-focused task. Which is what makes Victoria all the more impressive. With over 7 years of marketing automation experience and more than that in sales management, she reinvigorates marketing systems with the all-so-important “human touch.” Which is funny. Because instead of humans, she’d much rather surround herself with any of her four dogs. But you don’t have to worry about the dogs beating you out for her attention. If there’s anything Victoria is known for, it’s bringing clients and partners together as people to achieve that greatest goal of any digital marketing plan: H2H (human to human) communication.

Chief Creative Officer

Ricky Zollinger

Ricky prides himself on creating content that will be remembered. You shouldn’t expect the cookie-cutter content campaigns from our CCO. Nor should you, from a guy slowly building a water-themed Pokemon tattoo sleeve up his right arm.With nearly a decade of Executive Producer/Editor experience, Ricky has seen more than his fair share of “classic” social media content. And he. Ain’t. Interested. It’s time for your brand to stand out and truly burn a mark into the memory of your audience. And that’s the type of content Ricky is here to make for you. Whether it’s his photos/videos, his ink, or just his personality - he’s here to get you hyped.

editor in chief

Sean Martin

Sean is what you get when you cross the zeal and ferocity of a college football player with the writing obsessions of an east-coast philosopher. What exactly does that combination yield? Words…lots and lots of words. When it comes to digesting, re-combobulating, and re-telling a story, you can’t beat the black-coffee + smoke fueled practices of the Little Ivies. Sean has written on the industry's top blogs on topics across the board, showing his range for storytelling, content marketing, and brand building. And we hear his vocal range isn’t half bad either…

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